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Oahu League of Republican Women
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February 1st Luncheon
at The Willows

January Babies!

Donna Alcantera,
Eve Anderson 2
Marleen Adachi, 4
Jane Tatibouet  4
Mildred Wong  6
Robin Hood  7
Jeanette Templeman 14
Marge Martin  15
Rita Kama-Kimura 16
Sheila Leas  16
Pam Smith 16
Mary Monohon 18
Kathryn Stark-Henski  21
Shirleyanne Chew   23
Sonia Trimble 24
Kathryn Nicholson  25

Upcoming Luncheons

February 1            The Willows

March 1                The Willows

April 5

May 3

June 7

July 5

August 2

September 6

October 4

November 1

December  6

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2015 Winners

President Donald J. Trump
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Proud Boys
A pro-Western fraternal organization for men who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.

Things Proud Boys are not:

*White Supremacist
*In any way involved with the "Unite the Right" rally

Things we are:

*A multi-racial bunch of dudes who like to drink
*Excellent trash talkers
*Big fans of western civilization
*Ready to sue you if libel us

If you've been told otherwise you were lied to.