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Oahu League of Republican Women
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October 4th Luncheon
at The Willows

September Babies!

Tracy Okubo 1
Kymberly K Sybounmy 4
Grace Ching  5
Sandy Pease  6
Edna Fujiwara 10
Cheri Hickman 12
John Fujiwara  14
George Krueger  14
Lee Elsie   15
Gemma Disuanco 18
Sue Djou 19
Dr, Phi Hellreich 19
Cody Chitwood  20
Kevin Chong Kee 21
Rep. Cynthia Thielen 22
Nikolai Tsang   23
Garry Smith 29
Beverly Espiritu  30
Tiffany Chitwood   30
Peggy Regentine  30

Upcoming Luncheons

November 1        Waialae Country Club

December 13      The Willows

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President Donald J. Trump
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Brett Kulbis - Honolulu County Chair
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The Republican party is still looking for volunteers to be poll watchers for either the Primary or General Election, or both.

If you are interested in supporting the Republican Party of Hawaii, we need your help.  Please send the following information to Aaron Wilson or 808.593.8180 and he will add you to our Poll Watcher list:

           Name (First & Last):
           Address (Registered to Vote):
           Polling Place:

           If you don’t know your polling location, click below.